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In 2021 we will launch our latest innovation in our mission to bring theatre to all. Home Theatre is a unique opportunity within Greater Cincinnati and beyond. Home Theatre brings the audience, playwright, and performer into the same sphere

Home Theatre is built upon three principles - greater accessibility, empowering people to have control over their own story, and building empathy. The Washington Post recently reported that empathy is endangered and one way to combat this is gaining perspective from a different social group. The time to act is now!

An actor arrives at a host's home (physically or digitally) on a given Saturday. While recording, the actor and host engage in a conversation driven by the host ranging from love letters traded to a wild experience had at the grocery store the week before. After 90-120 minutes, the actor leaves with inspiration and some content. One week later, the actor returns to the host's home (physically or digitally) with an original 45-60 minute world premiere inspired by the conversation the week prior and to be performed in the host's home (physically or digitally) for the host and up to ten guests - hence Home Theatre.


To make the program fully accessible and build empathy across communities, the actor will live-stream and/or video record the performance to be uploaded later to Vimeo/YouTube so this incredibly intimate affair becomes universal and accessible in everyone's home - hence Home Theatre.

Home Theatre's innovation is made possible thanks to supporters like you and:
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Eleanora C.U. Alms Trust,
Fifth Third Bank, Trustee
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