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our story

The original idea for American Legacy Theatre's mission and vision was conceived by a college-aged Matthew David Gellin. He was heavily influenced by a few establishing factors:

  • All great civilizations were built around strong theatre

  • USA is the only major first-world nation to not have a national theatre

  • His undergraduate mentors - Kazimierz Braun, PhD and Maria S Horne - were internationally born

Over time Gellin acknowledged that ACCESS TO THEATRE is what was limiting people's knowledge of the most direct of art forms, which in return challenged its value.  Also with the advent of film, theatre fell into it's wave of popularity.

A.L.T. focuses on ACCESS TO THEATRE:

  • Celebrating theatricality and what makes theatre intrinsically unique

  • Removing 'stuffiness' and bringing back community

  • Giving a individualized experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else

To find out more about our programming and how to get engaged, click here.

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