Playwrights work weekly one-on-one with our Producing Artistic Director to develop their ideas into a fully fleshed-out piece that looks to be copyrighted, published, and produced. #YourNationalTheatre seeks to amplify voices currently unheard by addressing issues that are relevant to today and tomorrow. 

These world premieres have public workshops so audiences can give input and nurture the piece through its development.

A.J. Allen

A.J. has been playing music and writing songs since he was a teenager. He was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for local rock band C.O.D. He has written over 100 songs, both secular and spiritual, and is now using those talents to write his first musical — a rock musical about the heroin epidemic.


The musical is inspired by the courageous stories of hundreds of veterans, and the numerous voices A.J. has met throughout the country affected by the heartache and stigma of addiction. This piece is dedicated to them, and to the providers who treat them.

After recovering from his own personal challenges, A.J. worked as a therapist at Joseph House and then became the associate director, managing the clinical program and supervision of the clinical staff. Today he runs his own business with the goal of helping people challenged by stress, whether from addictions or the demands of home, work, and life.  

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