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Stageplay written by:
Tennesee Williams

Produced in Partnership with:  
Thomas More University

This production is made possible by the
William O. Purdy Jr Foundation Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Producer's Notes


Thank you for being here today to make history with American Legacy Theatre, and our co-producing partner Thomas More University in this reimagined production of Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie.


How is history being made, you ask? This is the first time Greater Cincinnati will have an actor who is blind in a leading role in a professional production. This is not to highlight how different ALT is, but to showcase how normal this should be. 


The Glass Menagerie is still relevant in 2023 as it centers around a single mother trying her best to do right by her children. Unfortunately, she is blind to the reality that some of her beliefs are, at times, detrimental to her children. While not overtly intentional, albelism, misogyny, and homophobia finds its way in through unconscious bias. 


Despite all the challenges and obstacles constantly thrown at this family in universal ways, there is a glimmer of hope that things will improve. It is this hope that I ask each of you to walk away with and bring to our shared community with an open heart and more empathy for each other.


This is one way you can be a part of the Empathy Army!



- Matthew David Gellin

Cast & Crew


Greg Proccacino

Director, & Co-Producer Thomas More University

image - Matthew Gellin.jpg

Annie Davis

Amanda Wingfield

The most rewarding aspect is that rush of performing live. In a live show, you only get one take. There is no second chance. This means being fully prepared, memorized, and extremely familiar with the whole show, not just one's own individual part. It's scary, it's exciting, it's thrilling. I love being able to hear and perceive the audience's reactions to the show in real time. As a performer, I feed off of the crowd's energy, and I know they feed off of mine. I love that relationship, so I always bring everything I have to the roles that I play. I want to give them a good show, and I love that I can feel their enjoyment hanging in the room.


Eylie Lorenz

Laura Wingfield

It is extremely refreshing to work with a professional theatre company committed to inclusivity.

The biggest challenge is letting go of my own perfectionism.

Geoffrey Hill.jpg

Geoffrey Hill

Tom Wingfield

The most rewarding part of this production is the emotion/ how the audience can bring true life to your character's story.


Bryce Herzner

Jim O'Connor

The most rewarding aspect of this production is helping the audience escape from their lives for a short moment. be drawn into the show, and forget about what’s happening in the world. give them the night out that they deserve.

1FE9E933-0D22-4623-BDA6-47A5120B2F36 - Kieran Casey.jpeg

Kieran Casey

Sound & Light Design

The most rewarding aspect is to get to see the emotions that the audience feels throughout the piece. A challenging part of this art form is trying to create this connection with the audience with the short time that we have together.

F433F30A-7377-4EA5-9E86-21EC38A75699 - Jack Wilson.jpeg

Jake Wilson

Assistant Stage Manager

Being able to engage with fellow actors and keeping a continuous focus on the meaning and depth of a show

Special thanks to the A.L.T. Founder's Circle:

Melissa & Chris Bauer*
MC & Tom Brennan
Samantha & Matthew Gellin*
Slade & Marcia Gellin
John Kirchgraber

Founder's Circle members commit at least $10,000 cumulatively over the course of four consecutive years. To learn more about joining the Founder's Circle please contact

Thomas More University is a leading Catholic, liberal arts institution in the Midwest. We take the time to get to know you, challenge you and support you—so you can become your best self, build a meaningful career, and get more out of life.

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