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In 2016, American Legacy Theatre was founded with the dream of restoring American theatre to the top of the global stage and bringing the art of theatre back to its historical intent -- being a voice for the unheard, rather than a luxury only afforded by the wealthy.


American Legacy Theatre is proud to provide accessible and relevant theatre designed to create social justice for all people, representing all voices. We utilize theatre arts not only to amplify stories that need to be told, but also as a tool for starting conversations that lead to positive social change. 

Our one-of-a-kind approach is based on action-based research that puts community members in the producer's seat. This guides the artistic director toward content, set design, and auxiliary services that ensure our productions are representative of the communities where they are created and the output creates positive change for issues that the community has prioritized.

Research shows theatre has an accelerated positive affect on individuals, therefore entire communities when done in an organized and purposeful way.


While we do not have a physical theatre to operate in, this is by design. We employ a nomadic approach that leverages found spaces and allows us to meet people where they are, both figuratively and literally, and also to create light where there is often blight.

Since 2018 we have:
- Created over 30 original productions
- Worked with over 60 partner organizations
- Employed over 130 artists
- Provided empathy-building theatre education to students across Greater Cincinnati bringing youth as young as pre-K to 92% TS GOLD® Standards for kindergarten readiness measurable movement in as little as 10 hours of instruction over 5-week sessions.

We are intentional about serving all people, all voices, and attracting “non-theatre goers.” To support this effort, ALT offers fully subsidized tickets to those at or below 200% the federal poverty level and/or active military/veterans.


Our dedication to our work and our unique approach to innovation in theatre has helped us build an invaluable network of partners with nearly 40 human service organizations across the US exploring concepts like racial inequity, the drug epidemic, mental health, and kindergarten readiness.


Reach out to learn how!

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