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ALT In Classrooms

Students developing empathy and understanding through Theatre Arts


"The more theatre experiences, the greater the empathy attained." - Jonathan Stewart 

ALT In Classrooms works with students to develop empathy, collaboration, and social emotional awareness through theatre appreciation and applications. 

Students Create Change (SC2) helps students grades preK-12 write, design, and act in their own original production around social issues critical to them, ultimately teaching us their perspective on how we might better ourselves as a society. Budget, content, and marketing are run by the students. Grades PreK-12. 


With ALT In Classrooms and Students Create Change, students work together to create a original production that addresses the social issues they care most about, all while gaining valuable experience in Theatre arts, social emotional skills, communication, reading, writing, applied math, and many other skills for academic and professional success. 

When designing curriculum, ALT includes social and emotional skills, diverse texts, multicultural arts, and interdisciplinary connections in our units.

It is our goal at ALT to make theater accessible to young people by helping them make connections to their day-to-day lives and studies, giving students a platform to stretch themselves creatively, and utilizing theatrical performance to build empathy and give voice to their lived experiences.


Ideal student enrollment is 10-20 max with exceptions made on a case by case basis.

Pricing for In Classroom:
For 1:1 (VIRTUAL) - $60/hour with ALT Teaching Artist
$100/hour with ALT Lead Teaching Artist
$180/hour with ALT Executive Artistic Director
1:1 In-Person - $100/hr ALT Teaching Artist
$150/hr ALT Lead Teaching Artist
$250/hr with ALT Executive Artistic Director
For In Classroom Sequences:
20+ total contact hours - $25 per student per contact hour
1-5 total contact hours - $50 per student per contact hour
5-9 hours - $50
10-19 hours - $35
20+ - $25

Note: We are happy to work with you as an ACE Ohio family to send the invoice to the state vs you needing to wait on reimbursement

Our programming takes place in partnership with schools, community centers, and families. We are nomadic by nature, meaning we work on location at our partnering sites.

Past Programs

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