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Home Theatre is a totally new approach to theatre never before seen in America and was launched virtually in the beginning of 2021. This approach will create 30 world premieres in 6 months.


Acting artists will meet 1:1 with community individuals and perform a 45-60 minute one-person show inspired by and cultivated from the 1:1 session. Acting artists will leverage the acquired techniques and process taught to them by American Legacy Theatre, and create alongside a director and up to five other artists working on their own production.


Need: American Legacy Theatre is seeking to hire a diverse unit of at least six (6) acting artists 3m, 3f of all ethnicities, races, and ages. The goal is that at least half of the 30 world premieres are based upon a person of color.


  • Watch the video interview provided below by A.L.T. 

  • Create a 90-120 second piece inspired by the interview

  • Follow provided guidelines

Pay: $250/one-week production


Submissions Due:  July 24, 2021 at 11:59pm for first consideration


Learning Technical Process: August 9, 2021 - September 4, 2021. This will likely be done over four weeks. There is a fifth week producer option for those artists needing additional training through September 11. Presently this learning process is unpaid, but all acting artists successfully completing the training will be guaranteed at least one one-week production. 


Rehearsal Weeks & Performances: Acting artists will be assigned to community members based upon request and need late September - December 2021. 


NOTE: Acting artists will not work every week, so availability and flexibility are important on both A.L.T.’s end and the acting artist. Some acting artists may do seven productions while others may only do three. At this time we are looking for local artists in the Greater Cincinnati area and training will take place in person.  


  1. Your piece must contain a verbatim moment from the interview.

  2. Your piece must have a beginning, middle, and end.

  3. Your piece must include one external production element: prop, lighting, etc.

  4. Your piece must include a minimum of two characters with clear definitive character choices. 

  5. Your piece must be a minimum of 90 seconds and not exceed 120 seconds (2 minutes).


With the video, submit your headshot and resume in a single pdf, along with your conflicts August 2021- December 2021. 


Break a Leg!

For further information or questions please email American Legacy Theatre Home Theatre

Home Theatre's innovation is made possible thanks to supporters like you and:
Eleanora C.U. Alms Trust,
Fifth Third Bank, Trustee
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