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At A.L.T., we strive to bring accessible, professional theatre to the Greater Cincinnati area. We use never-before-seen practices in our theatre to create memorable, impactful experiences for our audiences and our artists. Here’s how we do it:



  • All American works 

  • Casual, “sporting event” atmosphere where live-tweeting, eating, drinking, and chatting (about the show!) are encouraged 

  • Customized seating for each production

  • Outside, professional talent brought to the region

  • Ongoing, professional development for local artists across all theatrical disciplines: acting, directing, design, etc.

  • Experimental workshops to create new best practices in theatre

  • Development of new American works


  • Junior Board of Directors and play creation

  • Student understudy program for all on- and offstage positions

  • Student or community classes across multiple theatrical disciplines (private or group)  


  • FREE classes for community members on a variety of theatre topics 

  • Engage & Earn - share A.L.T. with new people and earn money along the way!

  • Discounted or fully subsidized tickets for veterans and Medicaid recipients 

This work does not happen on its own. We need you to support #YourNationalTheatre here.

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