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Evidence Based In Classroom Pillar

A.L.T. leverages the medium of theatre to generate social change for the betterment of all people in our community. Systemic change is our ideal. Empathy-building is our strength. In March 2019, Forbes showed a direct correlation between theatre arts exposure and higher test scores (math, literacy, several others), better classroom behavior, and improved learning environment overall. Furthermore, the Mayo Clinic has identified key components of KRA as: taking turns and cooperating with others, communicating how they are feeling, empathizing with other children, and paying attention. All of these components are intimately connected with theatre experiential learning.


Organizationally, A.L.T. is in a prime position to accelerate behind this systemic change. Since inception A.L.T. has partnered with other human service organizations, and aligns completely to creating a more equitable tomorrow through accessible theatre. This is not something we do. This is who we are.


The ten-session sequence is an adaptation of A.L.T.’s 5-year-old program Students Create Change. This process leverages the unique expertise of the Executive Artistic Director & CEO - father of two Cincinnati preschool students in a Quality Gap neighborhood. Matthew David Gellin has worked with children and devised original theatre across three continents.


Currently being offered at a 5-star YMCA, the lead teacher and site director observe immediate results well beyond their expectations. The site director - Louise Williamston - served decades as an in-home provider and confirms this service would work well in that setting too. 


Research has proven time and again the value of experiential learning, theatre experiences improve nearly all test scores, and how critical SEL is in a technology society today. A.L.T. will establish a steering committee of experts to help oversee strategy components, conduct ongoing analysis, and quality improvement to ensure the program remains effective.


If the programmatic service is selected at the proposed scale, success is seen in many ways including: 1. KRA, TS Gold tracking, and Ages and Stages scores increase holistically across all domains, particularly the social emotional domain, 2. Guardians feel they have more fully engaged in furthering their child’s education at home, 3. Roughly 24 original productions are created by CPP students,  4. CPP and A.L.T. agree to continue this multi-year systemic change together and demonstrate to the rest of the country what can be achieved when leveraging our differences. 


The providers hosting each cohort will feel an impact as well. Directors, teachers, and providers have a newly found partner in A.L.T. partnering to impact both CPP and non-CPP children and families. When Cincinnati children need help with cognitive deficits, they can still go to intervention specialists. Now when Cincinnati children need help with social emotional domains, they can go to A.L.T.

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